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Hello ! Bonjour! Chào Bạn ! 

We are Khanh Nguyen and Thibault. We both met in Vietnam in 2015 and just get married. For our honeymoon we decided to do something a bit special: to cycle together from France to Vietnam during almost one year!

THIBAULT, "THE FRENCH TIGER": Thibault is 29 years old and was born in France. He is a big bicycle fan and has already done a 4,000km trip with his younger brother in Europe. He worked as a Business Development Manager in Southeast Asia for a French company. He settled in Saigon (Vietnam) where he met Nguyen. Thibault likes to read books, mainly about philosophy (Nietzsche, Camus, Montaigne...), taking pictures and discover new people and influences. 


His strengths : physical endurance / trip planning / optimistic and positive thinking

His weaknesses: his strong French accent in English and Vietnamese

KHANH NGUYEN, "THE VIETNAMESE PANDA": Nguyen is 25 years old and was born in Vietnam. She worked as a Customer Manager for an international bank. She had almost no experience for bicycle before meeting Thibault but she has quickly developed a real pleasure to ride a bike for countless kilometers. 

Her strengths: design and drawing / intuition capacity / strong empathy for others

Her weaknesses: her strong Vietnamese accent in English and French

We met in 2015 in a little coffee place in Saigon (Vietnam). 

We get married in 2018 in Vietnam and in France and have lived under the same roof until now in Vietnam

We are very proud of our cross cultural relationship and always try to take the best of our two cultures which sometimes have unexpected results...

We have been an adventure seeking couple from the very start of our relationship. In 2017, Thibault shared with Nguyen his dream to travel from France to Vietnam by bicycle. Nguyen immediately said yes...

We have been training and preparing for this very special honeymoon for now one year. We will move to France in March 2019 and officially start on 15th April 2019! 


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