our project

16,000km by bicycle  from France to Vietnam
for education  

"Nón lá" project has started on a crazy idea: to cycle from Europe to Asia. From Thibault's continent to Khánh Nguyên's continent! 

We want to raise funds for the NGO : "Poussieres de Vie" (in English, "dust of life") which enables young kids from poor families to go to school, to train them and to find them a job when they will become adults. 

WhAT means "Nón lá"?


Good question! "Nón lá" is the Vietnamese conical hat that one can see everywhere in Vietnam. It is traditionally worn by Vietnamese farmers.

It symbolizes for us the end of our incredible journey : Vietnam. 

It also carries with it the values of Vietnamese farmers which will be our guides during our trip: courage, endurance and solidarity with others. 

The two of us will wear one "Nón lá" hat during our trip! 




the ngo we support: "Poussieres de vie"


"Poussières de Vie" ("dust of life" in English) is a non-profit organization helping Vietnam’s most disadvantaged people through funding and managing a variety of projects in Vietnam.


They promote lasting change in the lives of Vietnamese disadvantaged children by bringing them back to school, teaching them a trade and helping with their personal development,

"Nón Lá" will be the opportunity to organize a fundraising campaign for which we plan to raise 1 USD for each kilometer we will cycle. A 16,000km ride would then represent potentially 16,000 USD for which 100% will go directly to Poussières de Vie !

If you want to find out more, here is the NGO’s website. Each donator will find his name in the credits of a final "NÓN LÁ Project" movie in 2020. 


OUR STORY WITH "Poussieres de vie":

2015: Thibault settled for his new job in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. Thanks to the invitation of a friend who was a volunteer teacher for "PdV", he went one afternoon to the PdV school to take some pictures of the kids supported by the association.




Thibault discovered during this afternoon the great work made by the association and all the energy and motivations of the kids to learn more thanks notably to PdV teachers' dedication. 

2016Khánh Nguyên and Thibault suggested to PdV to sponsor three sisters (Diem :"13" years old, Duyen :"11" and Trang :"7") who were going to PdV school in Ho Chi Minh city.

The idea was the following:
- To visit regularly the family to teach them English and to check if they need any assistance (especially medical assistance)

- We signed a convention together with the family. If the three sisters attend the school classes regularly and have good grades, we would transfer every month a fixed amount of money on a blocked account. The money could only be used for educational purposes (books, tuition fees, bus or bicycle to go to school, etc.)

Below are some pictures of one of our "special" English classes with them: 

Week after week we have developed with them a real relationship of trust with the three sisters and their family. We are very proud to see them growing, learning and being more self-confident.

We hope that our coming adventure will inspire and will give them some strength to follow their dreams!  


2018: A crazy idea was developed in Nguyen and Thibault's brain : to cycle from France to Vietnam to raise charity fund for "Poussieres de Vie". Thibault shared his idea with the founder of the association who was very excited by this project.  

The aim is to raise awareness through social media about education for children from poor family in Vietnam and in the world. The charity fund will be mainly utilized to finance the new PdV school in District 12 of Ho Chi Minh City where many poor families from the neighbouring regions settle to find some jobs. 

We hope to raise $16,000 at the end of our bicycle adventure for "Poussieres de Vie" to support its growth and further development to create more opportunities for the children! 




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